Welcome to the blog – The Creative Thought.

I hope this will be the place where we can explore and share the
creative elements within our lives – either from work or play, all are important.

If I had a pound, dollar or shekel for every time someone said to me – “the
trouble is I am just not creative….” well my piggy bank would be very full

In reality we are ALL creative in some way.

Sir Ken Robinson, eminent Professor in Creativity and one of my favourite
academics, is a firm believer in the power of creativity within our lives, from
cradle to grave. In agreement with Sir Ken, I too recognise the importance of this embedded creativity, i.e. not just a “tag-on” once a week fix in an art class.
Creativity can bring great fulfilment if it is firmly centred in our daily
approach to life.

In some instances creative talents are very obvious. The competent artist,
musician, designer or architect can all illustrate how they harness their
creative energy. However, a less tangible force is the passion that many of us expend
on our creative interests. Observe the crowds for just one hour at the large Knitting
and Stitching events in the UK and you realise that it is this immense passion (in
this case for textile subjects) that energizes people. The creative experience can
be as much in the looking and understanding – the inspiration, as in the doing.

Quite often I find that people overlook some of the more intuitive
creative energies that we all have. For example, people are often passionate
about their gardens but do not recognise that this is a form of creative energy
and expression. How we design, decorate and furnish our homes are other ways
that illustrate our skills at creating surroundings that nurture our soul –
our home is our own space. Similarly the revival in home cooking (thanks to the
power of TV programmes!) bombards us with images of beautiful “creatively
presented” plates of food that are more a 3D work of art than a nourishing
meal. Certainly inspiring, if not filling!

Creativity is all around us – we do not have to go to a special place to
find it. We just need to remember to LOOK!

So what do you think?

Are you creative?

How does this demonstrate in your life – your work,
your leisure and for those of you that “create” for a living, hobby or passion
– share some of the process with us.

What makes you tick…… We can’t wait to hear

Happy blogging,